Laughing, Sobbing, and Orgasms

Have you ever had the laugh that begins with your toes and ends out of the top of your head? The laugh that hurts so hard that you cant breathe and you beg someone else to stop whatever it is so you can stop laughing and then when you think you’ve got it licked, you just look at or say something and it begins just as intensely as the first time. It is fun, and gleefully exhausting with resulting body aches.

Now take sobbing. Lying on the kitchen floor peering at cobwebs under the cabinets through tear blurred eyes. A sorrowful wail that will not stop until it has had its voice. The kind of sorrow that is not enjoyable or welcome. It depletes the body of all faculties and it feels like you’ve been wrung out like a dishtowel.

And finally, orgasms. Intense, heated, toe tingling, please don’t stop, orgasms. The kind of feeling that takes hold of you with shared heavy breathing, muscles contracting automatically in a rhythmic pulse that would make a percussion section put down their sticks. This is a most wonderful gift that renders the body useless afterward because there is nothing left to give.

I am not saying that they are good or bad but I do believe that there is a common thread. A full body release. It is a complete opening of all conduits; physical, emotional, energetic, ethereal, and spiritual. So the thing that I try to do at all times is to allow full expression. It is not easy to do and I have to do a lot of deep breathing when the sobbing hits but I do know that it is just as important to feel the bad as much as I know that the other feelings are needed as well.

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