How we perceive is based on our filters. You are who you are but that isn’t really who you are. The patterns that keep you stuck in your existence have been with you since childhood and that doesn’t mean that you have to be imprisoned in them for the rest of your days. Fear is the great unmotivator as it keeps hold of your mind and body and rules your actions and reactions. Fear of abandonment, being loved or not loved, being good enough, fear of being alone, fear of feeling sadness or pain, fear of…… We all relate to fear but few of us relate to peace through love. It is something we think we know (in our minds) but don’t truly feel in our hearts because if we know peace through love then we don’t know fear anymore. Every time you try to suppress the “bad, sad” feelings they manifest in some other self defeating way. My friend Charlie once said that no feeling is good or bad or right or wrong but if you find it doesn’t serve you anymore maybe you will make a shift, or maybe you won’t. Whenever you do something that is rushed or panic driven then it is from fear and doesn’t usually work out in your best interest. Right? So the next time you feel driven to do such a thing, try to take three slow breaths (slow inhale, pause, slow exhale) and feel what you should do instead of what your mind thinks you should do. This is a practice in developing heart guided living instead of fear motivated existing. namaste

charlie brown anxieties

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