Two Years Jill

After midnight tomorrow two years ago to the day

Your body gave out leaving mine here to stay.

The horror and grieving and loss and abandon

Are replaced with awareness and joy and accepting life’s random.

Its not that I don’t think of you at least once every day

But the waves of sadness come and go out without needing to stay.

You are a gift beyond blessings, a guiding joy from beyond

My heart has become lighter, engaging in life with great fond.

I have stopped constant missing

Staying present to my new norm.

One of peace and contentment

Feeling love and its warm.

In flow with nature and spirit and source

Thankful for all moments of life.

Breathing in the richness of air

Not stuck in what isn’t or wasn’t, not strangled by strife.

Each slow inhalation is a chance to recover

Lifting my spirit like an intimate lover.

Thank you for all that we shared my beautiful, sagacious wife

Thank you for the blessings I now know as I live my new life.

You are bright shining stars on a clear sunny day

Always around but visually at bay.

I can be loving kindness, the essence of life

No longer lost, I am safe once again, equanimity is in sight.


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