There’s an echo of sentiment among all sentient beings

A current of calm without fear of it fleeting

But our chattering minds are all lost in a storm

Feeding the ego, refusing equanimity as our norm

Learning to breathe is the beginning of change

Enriching our hearts with opportunity to regroup and regain

For worrying causes asphyxiation of the spirit and light

But the breath is the remedy, for the ego can’t fight

Shine your heart on your sadness, your guilt, and your pain

For the strength of your vulnerability offers freedom and gain

A pathway to lightness, and ease, and full breaths

A knowing of calm and awareness with depth

I don’t claim that it’s easy for it takes some real work

And the length of your process might make you berserk

But just think how long it took for your emotions to fail

And trust with some knowing that lightness will prevail

A slow inhale, pause, and exhale is nice

Most beneficial isn’t one, or two, but thrice

Welcome yourself back into your home

Namaste and with my breath I chant for you om

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