Two Years Jill

After midnight tomorrow two years ago to the day

Your body gave out leaving mine here to stay.

The horror and grieving and loss and abandon

Are replaced with awareness and joy and accepting life’s random.

Its not that I don’t think of you at least once every day

But the waves of sadness come and go out without needing to stay.

You are a gift beyond blessings, a guiding joy from beyond

My heart has become lighter, engaging in life with great fond.

I have stopped constant missing

Staying present to my new norm.

One of peace and contentment

Feeling love and its warm.

In flow with nature and spirit and source

Thankful for all moments of life.

Breathing in the richness of air

Not stuck in what isn’t or wasn’t, not strangled by strife.

Each slow inhalation is a chance to recover

Lifting my spirit like an intimate lover.

Thank you for all that we shared my beautiful, sagacious wife

Thank you for the blessings I now know as I live my new life.

You are bright shining stars on a clear sunny day

Always around but visually at bay.

I can be loving kindness, the essence of life

No longer lost, I am safe once again, equanimity is in sight.



There’s an echo of sentiment among all sentient beings

A current of calm without fear of it fleeting

But our chattering minds are all lost in a storm

Feeding the ego, refusing equanimity as our norm

Learning to breathe is the beginning of change

Enriching our hearts with opportunity to regroup and regain

For worrying causes asphyxiation of the spirit and light

But the breath is the remedy, for the ego can’t fight

Shine your heart on your sadness, your guilt, and your pain

For the strength of your vulnerability offers freedom and gain

A pathway to lightness, and ease, and full breaths

A knowing of calm and awareness with depth

I don’t claim that it’s easy for it takes some real work

And the length of your process might make you berserk

But just think how long it took for your emotions to fail

And trust with some knowing that lightness will prevail

A slow inhale, pause, and exhale is nice

Most beneficial isn’t one, or two, but thrice

Welcome yourself back into your home

Namaste and with my breath I chant for you om


I am grateful for summer nights

I am grateful for cloudy days

I am grateful for a warming breeze

I am grateful for some freezing rain

I am grateful for laughing at nothing

I am grateful for now

I am grateful for life’s waves

I am grateful for seeing my patterns

I am grateful for feeling my pain

I am grateful for the flowers along the onramp

I am grateful for love

I am grateful for embracing sorrow

I am grateful for letting go

I am grateful for awakening to my heart

I am grateful for my quieter mind

I am grateful for interconnectedness

I am grateful for the path I had chosen

I am grateful for not knowing where my path leads

I am grateful for sun salutations

I am grateful for aches

I am grateful for equanimity

I am grateful for any moment to share my gratitude



As the days warm and the ground continues to stir

Take some time outside today to walk about, go give it a whir.

The birds are all chirping and nature is abustle

Feel the love of Mother Nature as your hair gets a tussle.

A slow inhale will heighten your senses to liven your day

And a slower exhale will clean your energy field to keep negativity at bay.

Enjoy all you can while you still have a breath

Now is the only moment that matters; so let it in and appreciate its fullest depth.

My Dog

A poem for Bingo. The most enlightened soul I have had the honor to love.


Wakie wakie homo sapie

Its time to rise and shine.

Pull the drapes and make some pancakes

You eat yours and I’ll eat mine.

A walk on the beach is in order today

There are loads of gulls to scatter away.

I’ll bark and run and dig and snort

You’ll laugh at my antics and never get short.

Please please please go get my leash

I think I’m gonna burst.

Lets get out the door and into the car

And enjoy this day as if it were the first




Today Is Spring

The weather begins to turn

As the ground begins to warm

All around signs of growth emerge

Do not rush the flow of spring

Because it is nature’s job to bring

And ours is to trust that all is well

One breath at a time

We inhale and exhale the sublime

As aromas emanate from outside

With these thoughts I bid to you

Loving kindness and joy to flow through

And wish you a peaceful today

~ Ian J. Sveilich

Can You Feel It

Can you feel it?

It’s Love.

Its the inner guided knowing from above.

It’s a jet stream of sensations amplified

Toes in warm sand, a cooling summer breeze

A never ending orgasm

That doesn’t bend you to your knees

Step outside yourself and let it in

You can’t get burned.

More intense than the sun

Yet always calming and kind within.

No more to fear

No more to worry

You can stop running now

Put an end to your hurry

It replenishes the spirit and keeps you in your breath

A salve for the heart and soul

Putting anxiousness to rest

With or without another

Always fitting like a glove

Can you feel it?

It’s Love.


Daffodils peek through from their deep winter slumber

Stretching their bodies towards sun and splendor.

Take in this moment and reflect upon their beauty,

For their willing impermanence is not a chore or a duty.

Breathe in new air with each inhale, pause, and release.

Spring has arrived and the awakened are at peace.




What is this pain I have come to know as my friend

I am a sentient being with this feeling without seeing it has an end

I welcome it with open heart to heal my spirit’s wounds

And rejoice in knowing that with each day my heart becomes more soothed

That I can smile, and laugh, and perhaps try another date

For with this pain there comes the gain

Of an embered love’s resuscitate

Bouts Of Harmony

Under one roof but not together

The slightest of nothing ruffles the feathers

Emotional scars endured from the past dictate the day

And the bouts of harmony are farther and farther away.

Talking the language but unconsciously salting the wounds

Forbidding the sadness and locking joy in a room

Not willing to feel the one for fear of not coming back

Yet closing out the warmth of the other, not seeing the lack

Courage is honoring and speaking the truth of the heart.

Living with armor is not for the body

It is about feeling the heart and spirit’s sorrows,

Allowing the soul to be cloudy.

Dive into the sadness, the rage, and the fear

Allow them their due

Give them rise to your ear.

And once they have released their burdens

The cloudiness will clear;

Rousing courage with vulnerability

Compassion and trust

A journey worth the rest of a lifetime

Until the return to the dust